BAS Gabrielle Arimado

Gabrielle aims to actualize positive change through her design and research. She has a passion for learning, especially about social issues, and likes to share this knowledge with others in interesting ways. She embeds such topics into her works making them both educational and empowering.  She especially likes to use graphic design, including illustration, information and publication design, as a form of representation for unseen or lesser-seen narratives. However, she is open to using different mediums and approaches to better communicate her ideas as well as investigate different issues.

Societies of Peace

Screen print on textile, digital print on paper

Size variable

"Utopia could look different to everyone, but for me, a true Utopia is simply a place of peace."

This work is dedicated to the unseen "Societies of Peace" – matriarchies worldwide that deserve more recognition for their values and traditions.The flags represent the 4 defining qualities of a matriarchy: sacred culture, gift economy, egalitarian community and horizontal relational network. All of which contribute to their harmonious way of life.  While it is impossible to create a perfect Utopian society, the artist sees matriarchies as ideal societal models that are imperfectly perfect.