CHAI Xuan Xin


CHAI Xuan Xin is an imaginative person whose daydreams always cover her emotions and daytime memories. As she insists to be a person with proper morals, art becomes the main channel for her to experience and discover the world.

CHAI's practice includes illustrations and paintings, from weird dreams to funny childhood stories, CHAI always takes inspiration from her daily life and expresses her emotions through imaginations and colours.

Through her works, the audience can always feel a sense of helplessness through the vivid dream, as this is exactly how life means to her.


It's a Small World


Acrylic on canvas


Set of 4: 82.7 × 91.2 cm, 20.3 × 25.4 cm for 3


I want to build a big roller coaster across the world to send my loved ones home.