CHAN See Teng


CHAN See Teng, Pinky focuses on illustration, graphic design, and ceramic work. Her artworks are mainly in a minimal and relaxing style. She likes to use simple lines and graphics in her creations.

She thinks that art is a form to express herself and record her growth. Most of the inspirations of her artwork come from her personal experiences and thoughts. She hopes that her works can resonate with the audience and lead them to look back at their own.



The butterfly or not the butterfly


Paper Cutting


Set of 2: 23.6 × 32.5 × 5.5 cm each


Humans yearn for butterflies flying in the sky, but for butterflies, the bed of roses for them is the grasslands on the land. Everyone has different definitions of perfection, it is impossible for utopia to exist. What defines perfection or not is your attitude and mentality, you can also be the “butterfly” that is flying in the sky.