CHAN Sum Kiu


Born and raised in Hong Kong, CHAN Sum Kiu is influenced by local and Western culture. Her work centers around her reflections on identity and sense of belonging in amulticultural city. As a part-time illustrator and full-time daydreamer, Sum Kiu intends to translate everyday events and frustrations into interesting and fascinating stories. She depicts the world in rich colors and exaggerated expressions. Not only does she invite the readers to escape reality together, but also encourages them to realise their strengths to pursue and discover the truth in living along the way.



Risograph on paper


25 × 18.5 cm


Charlee is a cynical little orphan who lives in an ordinary city among the galaxy. Having no knowledge of her birth parents, Charlee always wanted to believe the mystery of her family background is somewhat extraordinary. But one day she discovers a horrible truth – she is in fact, the descendant of the people who are disgusted and hated by society. Living in this nightmare, Charlee finds out about the truth of her people, and the roots of all her resentment and disappointment…