CHAN Wai In (b.1998) is a Hong Kong-based visual artist, glass, jewelry designer, who is currently working towards a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University. She previously graduated with a higher diploma in jewelry from HKDI. Her work uses a variety of different materials, combining painting with sculpture and installation to communicate. As well as expressing and communicating self-feeling which is affected by daily life.

陳慧妍(b.1998)是駐香港視覺藝術家、玻璃及珠寶設計師,目前正在香港浸會大學修讀視覺藝術文學士(榮譽)學位。 她先前畢業於HKDI的珠寶高級文憑。 她的作品使用多種不同的材料,將繪畫與雕塑和裝置相結合以進行交流,表達和交流受日常生活影響的自我感覺。

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Glass casting


400 × 400 cm

做人究竟有甚麼意義?無形的壓力捆綁着我們,執著於沮喪和無助會使我們失去做人的意義。世界所有東西都是沒有關連的,只是我們願不願意置身於關連其中。人生本身最大的意義就是活著,珍惜當下,感受一切小事物,追求夢想只是生活的體驗之一。 生命的意義並不決定我們必須做甚麼。 更重要的是我們是否喜歡它。懂得放下,就能自由穿梭,一同遊走。

What is the point of being a human being? Invisible pressure binds us, and being obsessed with depression and helplessness will make us lose the meaning of being a human being. Everything in the world is unconnected, it's just whether we want to be involved in it or not. The greatest meaning of life itself is to live, cherish the moment, and feel all the small things.