CHAU Sze Ching


Symphony states herself as a designer. She likes to read and has a fondness for text and book printing. She is a Virgo, who admires simple and clean design styles, especially the element of line. For her design, spaces, lines, and words are enough. She believes that nothing in the world is always perfect, and the flaws create styles and uniqueness. She is an imperfectionist who only pursues the perfection of the moment.


with me myself and I


Book, Sticker, Postcard, Bag


Size variable 尺寸不定




Dear traveler,

‍_with me myself and I_ is a travel set with a travel guidebook and surrounding items, for people to try to enjoy the journey with themselves. The travel guide includes different levels of itineraries to let people get used to solitude. This is a way to let people know that everyone needs the time to be with themselves and it could be so much fun with it.

Enjoy the trip and make fun of yourself.