CHEUNG Kwan Lok uses a diverse range of creative media, including photography, painting, sculpture, multimedia creation, and Chinese art. Materially, he likes to use oil paints and wood for his creations and believes that these mediums have vitality. He believes that traditional arts have the charm of art, so most of his works prefer to use oil paintings and sculptures, the creative process can make him immerse in it. He believes that too much planning, experimentation, and consideration will break the concept, so he prefers to make the final creation in a short period of time when his enthusiasm is generated so that the work can be completed while it remains fresh. Now he is exploring the possibility between painting and sculpture, the interaction between two-dimensional works and three-dimensional works. He is also trying to create new installation art projects.




Oil color, wood, plaster


Size variable 尺寸不定

你會用甚麼去記錄下自己的回憶?回憶中最令你有印象的是甚麼?回憶是抽象的,我們難以只用一種模式就記錄起種種事物,有人記錄影片,有人喜歡攝影。 對我來說,我會用繪畫和雕塑來記錄場景, 而「地板」就是我的主題。這能讓我回想起很多事,因為它們都擁有時間的厚度和隱藏着背後的故事,對我來說這作品就是一本日記。

What would you use to record your memories? What impressed you the most in your memories? Memories are abstract. It is difficult for us to record all kinds of things in just one mode. Some people say that they record videos, some like photography. For me, I will use paintings and sculptures to record scenes, and the "floor" is my theme. This reminds me of many things because they all have the thickness of time and hidden stories behind them. For me, this work is a diary.