CHONG Pui Kiu, Cloris is an interdisciplinary visual artist who practices sculpture, glass, and graphic design. To her, working creatively isn’t a practice to only satisfy herself, but it should be used to share meaning with the community. As such, she believes visual arts is a language to raise personal and societal issues and create awareness and resonance with the audience.


We are not the Iron Man.


Wire sculpture installation


Size variable 尺寸不定


With a population of 7.3 million densely packed together, mental health problems are common in Hong Kong. It is estimated that almost one in five people suffer from different types of mood disorders. Nonetheless, there is a common tendency to avoid the problem instead of facing it directly… which eventually makes the problems even worse. My work uses wire sculptures, light, and shadow projections to portray feelings of contradiction, anxiety, and struggle, reflecting the innermost hidden emotions of the human condition.