FONG Yuen Ching


Born in 1999, Hong Kong based artist Natalie FONG creates artworks to share positive energy and expresses her hopes for living. FONG employs a strong sense of colour and spatial design across mediums such as painting, digital design and spatial design to explore her expectations of the present and future.

FONG has worked as a visual art assistant in ECF Saint Too Canaan College, and she believes that art can function as a transformative medium. She is also passionate about communicating with people from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences.



We Never Go Back


Animations, television monitors with frames


Set of 3: 60.5 × 39 × 15 cm each


這些重複循環的動畫景色讓人回想起過往的憶記,同時表達出平靜的不敬畏態度,每種設計於動畫的物件也有着暗喻,暗示著我們不應過分重視自己。 性格如流水,我們可以接受自己的不完美,隨著時間的流逝逐漸了解自己,並允許改變以展現自己。


A similar situation today, which recalls memories of the past, day after day…

The repetitive loop of these animated landscapes recalls memories of the past whilst expressing a calming irreverence, every object designed in the animation has a metaphor suggesting that we should not take ourselves too seriously. Personality is like flowing water, we can accept our imperfections, understand ourselves gradually over time, and allow solutions to present themselves.

Even if we stop and go, there is still a distance to look back.