FUNG Po Yee Charlotte


FUNG Po Yee, Charlotte likes to explore a variety of materials and art forms such as Chinese arts, graphic design, and mixed media. Experiences from her family and daily life are a source of inspiration to express personal thoughts and emotions.

For Charlotte, art can heal and express our emotions. She hopes the audience can refocus the importance of people and the things around them through her works.

馮寶兒喜歡探索多種媒介和藝術形式,包括水墨丶平面設計和多媒體藝術。家人和日常生活的經歷都是汲取靈感來源之一,透過這些回憶去表達自己的思想和情感 。

對馮寶兒而言,藝術可以治愈並表達我們的情感。希望藉著作品帶出的一些訊息,令到觀眾可以重新關注身邊重要的人和事 。

The Forgotten Treasure


Ink and colour on paper


Set of 6: 40 × 40 cm each


The kapok flowers commonly found on the street are like the valueless stuff abandoned by people. However, they are all meaningful by nature as long as they are rediscovered. In my painting, I intend to transform triviality into something that we treasure, allowing viewers to  re-think of their daily life.