HO Po Yi


Bowie is inspired by spiritual reflection, human sensation, and the particularity of materials. Under the constant torture of living a life with mental illness and hallucinations, she fell into a manic exploration of creation and art. She is also obsessed with mixed media that uses various techniques and materials, actualising works that are free from the restraints of logic and the constant experimentation of craft.


Dependency and the Existed


Glass, human dander, blood, video


Size variable 尺寸不定



藍霧 —— 我為自己其中一種幻覺所命的名,它們像霧、像塵,在你崩潰時圍繞在周圍。源自人在極度悲傷的狀態下,大腦視覺認知失調所呈現色彩對比度下降的情況,而漸漸出現偏藍的景象。

Based on the further study that documents the psychological presentation of the blue haze. From the perspective of self-harm, the hallucinator and the anxiety, it discourses the process from injuries, agony, struggles, to acceptance.

The Blue Haze is a derivative of my pain that is part of my life.The pain that attached to me, proves my own existence.

“Blue Haze” is what I have named one of my illusions. They are fog-like, dusty, surrounding you when you feel like collapsing. When people are devastated, the visual cognitive disorder of the brain resulted in the decrease in color contrast. The blueish view would then appear.