HO Pong Hon


James HO is a young artist from Hong Kong who works across digital painting and acrylic painting. His aesthetic influences range from novels, films and folk songs. In which he synthesises them into his own fantasy world, where he takes the viewer on a journey into a world filled with curious, magical and terrifying creatures.


An abnormal trip of a normal person


Art book & poster on digital painting


Book: 18 × 20 cm Poster: set of 3: 50 × 40 cm each

我總是很喜歡 “旅遊”,但不是在現實世界,而是在小說裡,在電影裡,在音樂和故事裡旅行。而這一次,一顆幻想的小石頭把我帶到了死後的世界,這是一段精彩離奇的旅途。我用我的畫作將這次的旅程重現出來,製成了這本遊記,希望它可以帶領你和我一起享受這段奇妙的旅程。

“Traveling”is the only thing I am passionate about, not traveling around the real world, but the world of novels, movies, music, and stories.This time, a fantasy stone took me to the world after death, a wonderful and bizarre journey.I used my paintings to reproduce it, and created this travel notebook so that you can enjoy this amazing trip with me.