HO Pui Yan


HO Pui Yan, a Hong Konger and an art student from HKBU. Her creation is about her growth and her reflection on society. Currently, she enjoys using ceramics to express her ideas.


Is that me?


Ceramics, Mirrors, Mixed Media


Size variable 尺寸不定

這份作品是我對自己與社區的關係的反思。 像螞蟻一樣,我們需要與他人生活和合作才能生存。 在一個蟻群中,螞蟻努力做好自己的職責以維持自己和蟻群的生存。 在抵抗外敵時,一群螞蟻可以很強,但如果只有一隻,它就很弱。 在這裡,當這隻螞蟻照鏡子時,它開始意識到自己在性格和思維上其實是獨一無二的。

This piece of work is my reflection on the relationship of myself with the community. Like ants, we need to live and work well with others in order to survive. In an ant colony, ants know about their duties and work hard so as to sustain the colony. Ants are strong together but weak if there is only one. Here when this ant looks into the mirror, it realises its uniqueness in character and thinking.