HO Wing Ka


Life and light are inspirations of Katy HO's creation. She was born with absolute observation skills that help her understand, reflect and question about life. Her emotions are evoked through uncertainty, ambiguity, and grievance. Sunlight that reflects on the surface is unique and it attracts her attention and intention to create. Sunlight is formless, and it is changed through time. The light always highlights the surface of an object and a person, and it adds another layer to her work.




Photo installation


50 × 150 cm


This work is inspired by the continuous emotional swing, which leads her with no strength and interest in life. She wishes not to stay and look for change; therefore she hopes to understand and explore topics such as “What is happiness?” “What is my joy?”. Through photography, she records and explores the joy experienced in the past year, and learns the elements and characteristics that lead her happiness and joy.