HUI Long Yan


'Life and art, I believe art is an outlet for life. The joy, anger, sorrow, or sweet and bitter, or mixed feelings experienced in life are sometimes beyond description. Yet, with space, colours, light and shadow, sound, pigment, smell…they were all pieced together.'

HUI Long Yan, Angel is intrigued by the mutual relationships of humans. From discovering herself to listening to others' stories, she believes that everyone is a unique existence, having unique experiences. Art is an open platform for everyone to dig into, to learn, and to express themselves. She often plays between glass and installation, to indicate the inner thoughts of her and the others.





Latex gloves, wood frames, microphone, microphone stand, drum throne, drum stand, speaker


Size variable 尺寸不定



"He was mostly quarantined in a separate room. The first thing to do every time I visited him was to wear a pair of surgical gloves. I held his hands tight and he strived to hold back. I am so powerless that life and death are not in my hands, and that his worn body could never be reversed. What I could do is just quietly accompany him to finish his last journey, witnessing him go by slowly. When he was lying in a coma, I took off the gloves by stealth, to hold his face once again, with my own hands. That moment, I yearned for that warmth and texture from my father, and I hoped he felt the real-time love and life in return."

Drums have been my communication medium in recent years, and I would like to tell other’s stories through drums. Gloves as drumheads, and drumbeat as the warmth and texture, to create your heartbeat resonance.