IP Lai Shan


IP Lai Shan is a visual artist currently based in Hong Kong. Inspired by her personal experiences, interests and daily life, she expresses her views in a variety of media, e.g. illustrations and crafts. Her explorations often develop from casual sketching exercises to intricate compositions of color and pattern.

Recently, Lai Shan has become interested in notions of body and self identity, which she has chosen to explore through the medium of glass. Lai Shan embraces such imperfections and seeks to re-interpret them as beautiful in their own ways.




Cast Glass


Size variable 尺寸不定

歲月無形,卻在我們臉上鉻下印記。人總是不斷追求無瑕,在試圖抺去痕跡的同時,亦強行拭去經歷過的滄桑。追求完美容易使人變得形式化,忽視了真實的自我。 透過玻璃燒製過程產生的缺憾中尋找美,嘗試欣賞這份不完美的獨特。


The passing of life is invisible, but it leaves imprints on our faces. People pursue flawlessness. While trying to remove traces, they also forcibly wipe away the vicissitudes of life they have experienced. The pursuit of perfection tends to make people formalized, oblivious to their true self. Imperfection looks for beauty through the defects produced in the process of glass casting and  celebrates its imperfect uniqueness.

Perfection is a kind of obsession.

Imperfections are the proof that we have survived.