IP Wei Ying Emily


Everything matters in the world. Not only their existence matters, but also the way they 'live'. As an artist, Emily IP is always interested in observing little things in daily life, which she thinks can give people a different insight of life. While observing those details in life, she also thinks that reflecting on one's philosophy of life through the process is something very important.

During the time she studied in Hong Kong Baptist University, Emily Ip has found her interest in graphic design, ceramics, installation and object design. In her artworks, she always tries to explore different materials, and she tries to look for new ways to express herself.



Useless Or Not


Moldy food, glass jar


Size variable 尺寸不定


We always see mold as something unpleasant and useless. However, is it really true? What will happen when we put something that we called ‘useless’ into somewhere that we preserve things with value?