KAN Pui Yan


Yan KAN is a graphic designer, illustrator and artist who is exploring more new possibilities in Hong Kong. The elements of her works mostly included layering of shapes, lines, images, colours, or stories. Besides, some of her works tend to look more child-like, which reflects her inner childhood world.

簡佩欣是一位香港平面設計師,插畫家和藝術家並在探索更多新的可能性。 她的作品主要元素包括形狀、線條、圖像、顏色或故事等。 另外,她創作的作品裏反映了心中的童年世界。

Lost Playground


Mixed media


Size variable 尺寸不定



漸漸地,玩樂的權利失去了 」

“Gradually, those who were there are gone

Gradually, they become the same

Gradually, the right to play is lost”