KWAN Pui Wing


KWAN Pui Wing is an artist and illustrator based in Hong Kong.

She treats art and design as a language of communication. She loves to explore the possibilities of art and design. Her practices include bookmaking, graphic design, wearable design, and Chinese painting. She generally uses graphics and illustrations to tell a story. Her works often visualize personal stories, social issues, and emotions at the moment. The world is full of lies and art can make us realise the truth. Her works combine reality with imagination and transform them into her own visual languages.She hopes that her artworks can evoke emotions in the viewer.

關珮詠認為藝術和設計是溝通的語言。她喜歡探索各種不同媒介和材料來創作藝術。她的作品包括書藉製作、平面設計、服裝設計、和中國畫。 她通常通過圖像和插畫傳遞她想説的故事。她的作品主要將自身的故事、社會議題和情感形象化地表現出來。 儘管世界充斥謊言但藝術可以引導我們尋找真相。她的作品結合現實和想像並將其轉化成自己的視覺語言。對關珮詠來説,設計和製作插畫的過程是一種享受,她希望自己的作品能夠喚起觀眾的情感和共嗚。

The Light Chaser


Digital print on paper


17.6 × 25 × 0.5 cm





There once a king who was autocratic and superstitious, and the country was strictly controlled by him.

One day, he initiated a campaign and spread rumors to eliminate moths.

Citizens there obey the king and act together to eliminate the moths.

The girl in the city followed the rules until she met a moth, something changed......