KWOK Lam is an artist with great interest in ceramics and painting. She often seeks inspiration in nature because she is curious about it, especially the life of plants.
In her ceramic works, Lam emphasises the nature of ceramics, which is a temporary or permanent material. The shortness and eternity of this life is also expressed in her works.


A Moment of Eternity




Size variable 尺寸不定


Tree, I have liked it since I was a child. It can give me a sense of peace. At the same time, trees also inspired me in life. There is an inseparable relationship between trees and leaves. Trees need the leaves to provide nutrients to grow. Trees like life, and leaves are like people and things encountered in life. They only affect us for a period of time, they will eventually fall, wither, and rot. But there are always people and things in life that are unforgettable and worth keeping. It should not disappear with the passage of time.