LAM Chuk Sing


LAM Chuk Sing, born in 1997, is a Hong Kong artist whose work concentrates on abstract paintings to represent his personal emotions. He often depicts sentimental moments in daily life and explores different textures within painting. Recently, he has become more involved in different art forms, such as sculpture, installation and body art. He visualises specific drawing approaches, for instance: linear elements and fields of colour. He works intuitively with objects, and applies these methods in his recent artworks. For example, in the Sculptural drawing project, he makes drawings in sculptural form with industrial materials such as steel. And through placing relevant objects together, he explores the possibilities and relationships between objects and forms and the way in which different art forms can co-exist and converse.

林氏目前於香港浸會大學就讀視覺藝術科,他過往的作品以抽象繪畫為主,運用不同視覺元素,例如色塊、線條等等。主張利用顏料與其他物料於畫布上製造不同的質感和重度,表達自身複雜和沈澱過後的情感。近期他開始回到物料本身的可能性,並嘗試以繪畫語言套用上不同藝術形式,例如雕塑、裝置藝術等立體創作。他在近期進行《雕 - 素》的項目中,以線性、可塑性高和工業化的物料以及不同物件的放置和組合,將繪畫素描的視覺元素具象化。藉著平面和立體創作之間的互換,以不同維度的探索形式與物料之間的可能性,展現對物件與空間的直覺性。

Presence and objects


Steel, stainless steel wire mesh, towels, towel stand, plastic bowl


Size variable 尺寸不定


The objects are presented or reproduced in different forms and placed in relative positions. The ready-made objects and the reproduced objects seem to be ironic and contradictory to each other. By that, exploring the ambiguous relationship is constructed by the object itself in between, or are attached conditions when we observe intuitively.