LAM Hiu Man


LAM Hiu Man, Anna is a visual artist who specialises in analogue photography and painting. Her images compress the natural landscape and human-made space into a flat time capsule by pinhole lens and black-and-white film. Inspired by the meticulous and volatile natural colours and the black and white human-made color palettes, she creates elusive and absurd paintings. LAM believes that "the earth is big but the soul is corrupted", and there will no longer be pure nature in the world but all manufactured and constructed. Starting from the perspective of a stranger, she leads the viewer to be perplexed by the huge and fleeting geographical scenery through the narrow photographic prints, meanwhile probes viewer to think that they have already become a part of the landscape unwittingly, and even from a 'God’s eye-view'.

LAM lives in Hong Kong.





Gelatin silver print, Oil on canvas


Set of 45: 20 × 25 cm each


I heard that there is a place without human bloody pollution called 'Twilight Zone'. I went here with douleur exquise. However, my douleur exquise is not immediately relieved. The ever-enlarging douleur exquise pollutes the purity of the landscape while the thunder and lightning from the sky were killing everything softly and crudely. This is an unprecedented relief. I turned and left with a blue sky behind. In my memory, that is the hottest blue.