LAM Mei Fan


LAM Mei Fan, Venus’s work lies in the grey between black and white, revolving around the fundamental nature of daily matters that we are so used to but unconscious of. They are mostly material-oriented to align with her investigation of the duality of subjects, including but not limited to paintings, sculptures and installations. The inextricable tie in between opposing natures and the accompanying obscurity and ambiguity are what being addressed in her discourse.


The things you see in apple-pie order are more of arbitrary


Video installation


Video 錄像: 5’10” Audio 音頻: 5’20” Projected text 投影文字: 5’30” Clock time 時鐘時間: 5’40”


Chasing our sight with words and the speed with images, there is always discrepancy between archives and the recorded reality, causing it to gradually deviate from the linear temporality and fall into arbitrary relativity. I decompose a documentary clip into separate parts of image, sound, text and clock time, with each looping on its own. They are both independent and interdependent in every single ‘present’, constructing new events in, as well as by, the misplaced time.