LAM Yuet Ching


LAM Yuet Ching, Chloe is a wildlife illustrator who adores bees. She mainly works on wildlife illustration in traditional methods using coloured pencils. LAM pays acute attention in illustrating the textures, details and nuances in order to raise people's awareness of the amazing features of creatures. Her aim is to record and celebrate them while they are still in coexistence with the human race.


Partners in Nature


Oil pastel and graphite coloured pencil on handmade papers


Set of 10: 300 × 40 cm for 5, 16 × 25.5 cm for 2, 35 × 25 cm, 29.5 × 20 cm for 2


There are many stories that unfold in the natural world that are not obvious to the ignorant humankind. Animals depend, rely, co-exist and share a myriad of symbiotic relationships: mutualism, commensalism, parasitism, predation, and competition, to maintain mother nature and so on. Revealing some of these relationships between the animals, the artwork explores and celebrates how these creatures are all interconnected and how their survival and flourishment depends on one another.