LAU Ka Yu's artworks encompass installation, wearables, jewellery, glass, video, and photography. She wishes to explore old items or traditional concepts with contemporary forms and perspectives. She believes art has the capacity to heal, both the audience and the creator, especially in the stressful world we live in.

People have the tendency to avoid and forget certain taboo topics and old memories, as if to escape from their past. However, the future cannot be built without learning from the past, which is where LAU's works are situated in and created from – the intimate space that connects the past and the future. Within this liminal space of now, LAU reuses the past, through objects or concepts, to project and emerge with new meaning, forms and practices.



Death and its Flavours


Mixed media


Size variable 尺寸不定


Everyone is scared of death. We deem it taboo. However, if life is endless, we will easily go numb. Thus, within a limited time, we will be scared of losing and try to cherish everything we have. My work wishes to bring the taboo of death into light in a space that has a funeral-like atmosphere, yet create a different experience. Participants are given room to express their feelings to the “dead” and are encouraged to talk and engage with the idea of death, prompted by a very common food ritual. This work uses food as a vehicle to bridge the taboo of the topic of death, especially within the setting that they are not actually mourning someone who is dead... yet.