LAU Mei Tung Anabelle


LAU Mei Tung, Anabelle works on painting, sculpture, and illustration. Instead of bringing messages, her artwork is rather spontaneous and improvisatory to present her train of thought at the moment.

To look for inspiration, she spends a great deal of time observing the features and facial expressions of women who appear in mainstream media. Her artwork primarily portrays characters with cynical yet frivolous characteristics. The characters selected and the playful style in her work also reflects her attitude towards life and the world. Noticing the separation between fine art and commercial pop culture in her school years, she is motivated to create pop art in a fine art manner in her quest of challenging the status quo.

劉美彤以繪畫作為主要創作媒介。比起用作品帶出訊息,她的作品更傾向於隨性及即興。 她的創作靈感主要來自她在網絡上看到不同人調皮又帶點譏諷的表情,並利用想像力來加以詮釋,使她的作品帶出一種調皮逗趣的氣氛。意識到主流媒體和藝術之間的無形隔閡,劉美彤透過作品把兩者的界線變模糊。

Hotmilk 2012-06

コミック ホットミルク 2012年06号

Oil on canvas


157.5 × 99 cm