LAU Sin Ting


Tiffany LAU is a young artist inspired by how childhood toys and gadgets can function as both playful artistic installations and objects for reflection and contemplation. LAU is interested in the concept of 'bitter fun', where kinetic objects can instil a shared emotional sensation, whilst simultaneously reminding us of the contrast between youthful expectations and lived reality. LAU is an expert in interactive electronics to reinterpret familiar objects and transform them into microcosms of experience. She is presenting an expression that deviates from humanity along with passive and helplessness by mechanization.

劉倩婷是一位年輕的藝術家,她的創作靈感來自於童年回憶和小玩意,希望利用這些玩味的東西來形容沉重和反思的主題,藉此回應苦中作樂的觀念。 透過裝置藝術上動態來與觀眾灌輸一種同在的情感,同時提醒我們期望與現實的反差。劉倩婷擅長使用互動式電子設備來重新演繹熟悉的物件,把它們轉化為體驗的縮影,以及透過機械化去呈現一種偏離人性的表達方式來講述被動和無奈的感受。



Interactive media


40 × 40 × 120 cm



“Solitude is different from loneliness. Loneliness causes anxiety. Solitude, on the other hand, is a feeling of fullness .” — SIX LECTURES ABOUT SOLITUDE by CHIANG HSUN

In the absence of playmates in my childhood, my parents gave me a spinner. Now I yearn to be alone.  We are living in this rapidly changing social atmosphere, "alienation" has become a common experience. Listen to the inner world alone. You will find that you are not lonely and filling a complete self with these endless alone feelings.