LEE Sin Ki


LEE Sin Ki tends to be calm and introverted. She enjoys observing the world around her and takes the ubiquitous emotions of people as the inspiration for her drawing practice. By articulating such narratives on a piece of paper, and eventually potentially a book, she hopes to share her insights into 'ordinary' life with a broader audience.

In addition to letting people see her stories through illustrations, she's particularly interested in exploring the haptic opportunities in bookmaking, adding weight and texture to her scope of expressive elements, and also her narratives. She believes a story enriched by the materiality of its medium will achieve greater 'realness' and thus impact more strongly the spiritual side of her audience.

李善奇是一個文靜感性的藝術家, 她喜歡從周圍的人和電影中汲取靈感。情感賦予了她創作的動力,她將不斷湧現在她腦海中的新故事變成一張紙、一本書,希望與他人分享她的故事。她喜歡讓人們觸摸她的作品,除了讓人看到她的故事外,還可以通過質感來感受她的作品,增加故事的真實性。


Acrylic board


12.5 × 12.3 × 3 cm



When we wake up, the memories of our dreams will gradually disappear over time. They become obscure, and finally, will be forgotten completely. How many memories have been lost forever?

This is a poem about dreams. The memory of dreams is very short and fuzzy. I want to recall the story of dreams, so I use transparent film to create the image of words and patterns floating in the air.