LEUNG Hiu Ting


People don’t need to deliberately find violence, violence exists naturally.'

LEUNG Hiu Ting, Sunny believes the human is born with evil and she desires to adhere to the essential inclination of humans through her creations. She expresses and releases her innermost negative and violent essences, including her anger, sadness, and perplexedness, when she creates her works. Destroying the work, rebuilding it, and remixing it became the way for her to explore her personality. During these past few years, she has created works of art showing the wildness of animals and the characteristic of humans in response to her innermost being and representing her personality.



Hello, Kitten!


Oil, acrylic, and mixed media on canvas


Set of 3: 110 × 170 cm, 180 × 120 cm, 40 × 60 cm


下一秒, 它在吶喊,發出哀怨的求救聲;在痛苦中慢慢等待解脫。


It was looking at me.

Then, it screamed and cried for help, waiting for relief in pain slowly.

It disappeared.

It disappeared piece by piece in my hand.