LEUNG Wai Yee Jeremy


Jeremy LEUNG loves to observe all the tiny things that happen in his daily life, especially those which are neglected by others and only noticed and experienced by himself. Even though Jeremy has had experience with different kinds of art forms such as ceramic, painting and fashion, he is currently focusing on lens-based media such as video work. In his artworks, he loves to recreate those tiny events and combine them with his personal emotions, then presents them to the audience.


What are we having tonight?


Single channel video


15'50", size variable 尺寸不定


This work shows the daily process of my dad preparing dinner for our family and exposes his unique and lazy way of cooking, which often gets mocked by my mom and me. However, regardless of the mocking, he continues to cook for us and takes the time to prepare for our dinner. And for that, I am grateful to him.