LI Kwok Ying


In LI Kwok Ying's university study, she explored varied media and forms of art such as Chinese painting, seal engraving, printmaking, media art and performance art. Each medium or form has its own language for her to express herself. She is still exploring in the hope of finding a language that suits her best. Through varied media, she intends to express her emotions and thoughts including her negative feelings, self-identity and interpersonal relationships. LI believes that problems are endless in life and pain is an inevitable result. That's why she makes art in search of meaning. Life is arduous and yet there is no panacea; however, she is still able to put them into her artworks after all.




Silk, Chinese painting pigment, nails


175 × 80 cm


Stone always stays in silence, regardless of whether it is born, insane or dying. It speaks no language and takes no action. The shape and texture are the results of its last struggle. Even though it twists, and twists, and twists again till it reaches its limit, it still remains silent.