LI Ziying


LI Ziying, Estelle is an interdisciplinary artist who considers life as art. She creates artworks to explore life and her state of being. Her works span a variety of forms and mediums, including installation, videography, furniture, programming, illustration and graphic design. She is interested in discussing topics of interpersonal relationships, the interrelationship between people and society as well as the interaction between artwork and audience. In her practice, she wishes to blur the boundaries between art and life and constitute a dialogue between artwork and audience.


Them inside me


Carbon transfer paper, pencil, envelope


Size variable 尺寸不定






‘I thought time would take them away. It turns out that they just disappeared in our eyes and hid in our hearts. Then, they gradually become every breath we take, every beat of our hearts.’

Interpersonal relationships affect our thinking and even behavior. Handwriting reflects people’s characteristics. And conversation reflects people's experience. Them inside me invites the audience to communicate with the last audience through writing a comment. Layer by layer, it seems that it is not him or her, but them.