LIN Wing Yan


LIN Wing Yan (b.1997) is a Hong Kong-based Visual Artist, Illustrator, Designer, currently working towards a Bachelor of Arts (Hons)in Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University. Her work is used a variety of different materials, combining drawing with space and installation to communicate and challenge a broad range of social issues that affect the everyday lives of Hong Kong's young residents.

Her current work explores the mediation between ideas of spirituality and romance with personal space, looking up into our relationship towards 'intimacy' and how it is perceived in Hong Kong society. LIN's work uses narrative-based storytelling to address her experiences of living and working in the city. Her aim is to open up an honest conversation around how we experience 'romance', questioning what it means to love and to be intimate in Hong Kong.

連穎欣 (b. 1997)是香港的視覺藝術家,目前正在香港浸會大學攻讀視覺藝術文學士(榮譽)學位。 她的作品使用各種不同的媒介,以概念藝術為先。將繪畫與空間、裝置藝術作結合,以交流和挑戰的方式影響香港居民日常生活的各種社會問題。

她目前的作品主要探索自身的思緒和人與人之間的親密關係,發掘與「親密關係」的互動以及在香港社會中如何看待這種關係。 她的作品靈感來自於她在香港生活和工作的經歷。 她的目的是想讓觀者體驗「浪漫」,展開坦誠的對話、思考在香港生活愛和親密的概念。

leave star behind


Palo Santo wood on Xuan paper


36 × 1336 cm


留星是一卷無止境可延伸的作品,面對戀情的失去而創作出摘星星的故事,我很想再一次主動追求這男孩,但現實中的我知道彼此是不可能在一起。 這男孩如天上的星星,很難接近和得到。我利用燃燒聖木繪畫無盡的大海,捕捉海上面的星星影子,沉浸在無盡的海洋中選擇給自己一段悲傷的時間並重複逆溯著失戀的痛楚。藉著繪畫大海慢慢地撫平傷痕,紀錄放手重拾心靈解脫的過程,展現了自身走入失戀困境的全過程,以及後續的無所適從。

"I want to capture the stars in the sky, even if I just have its shadow, I am very content."

"Leave star behind " is an extensible work. Faced with the loss of love, I create a story of picking up stars. I take the initiative to pursue this man again, but in reality, I know that it is impossible to be together with each other. The man is like a star in the sky, it is difficult to approach and get. I use the burning holy Santo wood to paint the endless sea, capture the shadows of stars on the sea and immerse myself in the endless sea which chooses to give me a period of sorrow and repeat the pain of losing love.