LUK Sum Yin Samantha


LUK Sum Yin, Samantha focuses on illustration and graphic design, and is currently studying comics. She thinks comics can express her complex thoughts and ideas, she tries to use plot and metaphors to convey messages. She hopes her works can attract people's resonance and interest.

Most of her works are inspired by books, her own personal experiences, and the exploration of different philosophical thoughts and discussions with her friends and family. Sometimes, she is inspired by dreams and lucid dream experiences.

陸心賢專注於插畫和平面設計,目前探索漫畫創作。 她認為漫畫可以表達她複雜的思想,並嘗試利用情節和隱喻故事來傳達信息。她希望她的作品能引起觀眾的共鳴和興趣。


Dream Pillow


Digital print on paper


14.8 × 21 × 0.8 cm


"It is said that a dream is a sacred space where you meet your own soul, a time of getting along with your subconscious and desire, and also a bridge to escape from reality..."