LUN Yue Chi Eugene


LUN Yue Chi, Eugene (b. 1998) specialises in illustration and printmaking.

His practices are inspired by pop cultures and daily life issues. He wants to open up the playful and bizarre sides of people through his arts. Unluckiness becomes a part of him and he is willing to embrace it through arts.

He believes all kinds of so-called unfortunate and bizarre occurrences in daily life are actually ordinary and well-planned by god.He enjoys hiding easter eggs in his works. While observing these details, he hopes they create a bonding between the audience and the artworks.

倫裕智 (b. 1998) 主要以插畫和版畫為創作媒介。




I planned today as your bad day!


Screenprint, AR animation


Set of 2: 95 × 95 cm each


"Lord, are you satisfied with today's arrangement? These stupid people assuming they are unlucky, but actually they are all being twisted around your finger."