MAK King Ching


MAK King Ching, Ophelia is currently studying her Bachelor’s Degree in  Visual Arts at AVA, HKBU. Painting is her most common visual language of expression, and she also works through different materials and media. For her, eyes are like the lens of a camera – to capture the moment when things and their environment interact with each other. So she goes out to the street, observes, thinks, and expresses the emotions of these interactions through painting. She wants to show what she sees in her eyes to the audience in order to appreciate the beauty of these banal things.


Trees living in the City


Oil on canvas


Set of 5: 80 × 80 cm, 51 x 76 cm, 41 × 31 cm for 2, 21 × 21 cm


Trees are full of vitality and their forms are like human limbs, showing different emotions. I paint trees in the city and let them continue to grow in an incongruous environment to show the emotions they may carry in the city life, being happy or alone. "I just see them trying very hard to live. Do they belong here or not?" Expressing these feelings through a painting tree, perhaps someone will resonate with me.