MAN Ho Cheung


MAN Ho Cheung, Simon, a fresh graduate of HKBU’s Visual Arts program, majoring in design, graphic art, and Chinese art studio.

A person who likes to observe  things in his daily life and thinks a lot about their connections between each other. He believes that in order to present an intangible meaning in a design project, it is better to take characteristics from a tangible object to explain the idea, so people can reach out to his message immediately.

The symbolic meaning of the object is not direct or hidden. He believes that it can implicitly express his understanding and views of things, allowing viewers to contemplate and guess their intentions. It is playable and highly reflective. The viewers can consider more about the relationship between oneself and the work.


他喜歡觀察日常生活中的事物,並思考彼此之間的關係,包括他自身與社會。 他認為,為了在作品中展現無形的含義,最好從有形的對象中獲取特徵,來解釋他的想法。 這樣人們就可以立即理解到他所帶出的信息。


Step out!


Video projection, found objects, acrylic, clay, iron wine, spray paint, cloth


200 × 200 × 1.5 cm


人,容易甘於安逸。生活不斷重複,毫無變化的日常,不斷經歷只有進食、睡覺、學習、工作的無限循環 。不斷重複的日常就如用白色顏料在畫紙上不斷地畫——徒勞無功。慢慢便結束了平凡、沉悶的一生。而你是會如蟻般慢慢探索,走出百無聊賴、不斷重複的日常,找到自己所追求之物;還是甘願變成僅有軀殼而沒有靈魂的人?

Ants are small but not humble. They will explore in circles when facing an unfamiliar environment. They are unwilling to live in a small space and break the obstacles.

Humans are easily at ease. Human life is repetitive, unchanging daily, constantly experiencing an infinite cycle of only eating, sleeping, studying, and working. The repetitive daily life is like painting on paper with white colour–"Futility", slowly ending an ordinary, dull life, and you will still be like an ant, exploring slowly, getting out of boredom, and repeating life. Do you find what you are looking for in daily life, or are you willing to become a person who only has a body but no soul?