MOW Ka Kei


'I am who I am.

'Kenya MOW enjoys discovery in different media. She never sees different media as limitations.

During her study in AVA, she learned Chinese Arts, metal works, glass, ceramics, photography, printmaking, etc. She loves combining techniques and knowledge from different media. She is inspired by her feeling, mood and surroundings that matters to her along with the creative context. Kenya’s work is channelled through arbitrariness, expressiveness, freedom and unexpectedness.

Take a chosen topic as her purpose on creating, she will then choose the most suitable media for the work. She enjoys challenges working with unfamiliar visual media as well as those she is familiar with.





“O P D, V P D”

《人 心 木;女 心 木》

Digital video


Size variable 尺寸不定




"Who are they?"

He can be a "him" while also a "her".
The one you see, would a “her” be a "him"?

Using a camera to video and record 9 different people in a subtle manner. Please allow yourself to walk into a space filled with the intersection of atmospheres. Let yourself communicate with them, to know each of them. Then, you will know – humans should not be bound by framing and preconception.