NG Wing Yan


NG Wing Yan, Amber (b. 1998) was born and raised in Hong Kong and works across the fields of art, sculpture, glass, drawing and digital media.

Amber has an intimate relationship with her materials and her process and searches for new truths in things that otherwise appear familiar. She observes spatial and personal dynamics and seeks concise forms borne out of the contradictions of individuals and group relationships.

伍穎欣(b. 1998)出生並成長於香港,常以雕塑、玻璃、繪畫和數碼媒體進行創作。




Round Steel


Set of 2: 84 × 74 × 165 cm, 139 × 126 × 22 cm



‘Playing’ is an easily overlooked part of urban development. Public playgrounds are focal points for local communities. They are shared sites where tactile physical experience forges bonds of memory and kinship.

‍_Slide_ is a welded metal sculpture based on the motion of a child moving down a slippery slide. It uses motion capture technology to capture this ephemeral act of play, and transforms it into a large-scale monument to the local playground and those who enjoy it.