NG Yuk Tsang


Hong Kong-based artist Ng Yuk Tsang, Albert balances conceptualism with a distinct perspective in his work merging photography, installation, and graphic design. By employing strategies of appropriating, transforming, and assembling ready-made objects, Albert’s practice probes the symbolic meaning and the physicality of things. Albert examines the tension between: technology and humanity; politics and identity; memories and time. More than its focus on any particular subject, however, Albert's work encourages the viewer to reconsider the way of looking at the world, drawing attention to observation as a complex, ongoing process.


Wish I Will Always Be There


Ink on mailed postcard


Set of 130: 17.5 × 12.7cm each


Postcards represent an idealised impression of a place, but they never manage to embody its true essence. I re-photograph our city from the vantage point from postcards of Hong Kong in each hour interval, and send the postcards back to myself who haven’t left yet.