Shen Yi Wen


SHEN Yi Wen, Cassie focuses on illustration, painting and graphic design. She loves life, art and literature. She is detail-oriented and a good observer of life. She believes life is the source of art and is the greatest teacher of art, thus her works are close to life. She thinks telling stories through painting and illustration is an interesting way to show how she understands the world and people. Cassie’s paintings pay attention to overall emotional expressions. She continues to maintain the natural intuition and acumen of art as well as the internal relationship between art and life to maintain in-depth insight and thinking in her practice.


The Stories of the Window


Graphic novel


15 × 20 cm


My Honours Project is a graphic novel called The Stories of the Window. It is suitable for people of all ages. It talks about personal growth and the changes in mood that people will experience from childhood to gerontism, such as happiness, sadness, worries, loss… The windows are the clues throughout the book. It listens to people's secrets and feelings, and witnesses a person's growth. I mainly focus on the relationship between the person and windows and this kind of special sentiment. Meanwhile, I hope my audience can be optimistic about life. Life is too short, just tell your windows about your troubles and cheer up the next morning!