SO Sui Yan


SO Sui Yan, Miffy never feels she is nothing special from the world. Like the general public, she likes cats, likes to play games, and also likes to eat and sleep. She claims that she is just an existence who is no different from the vast crowd.

As Miffy is no different from the world, she hopes people can easily relate to her work and also enjoy it. Thus, she can find out something special about herself through the work she creates.



Sharing Vitality


Fabric, cotton, balloon, bike pump


Size variable 尺寸不定



As long as people are willing to join my artwork, no matter how little effort they put in, or even if it is meaningless to them, to me, they still share their life with my work.

As One's lifetime is limited, it is vital to use the limited time well. If you are willing to share seconds of your lifetime with my work, then my artwork, my heart, will beat for those seconds. Even if it is just a second, my work can come alive and become an existing creature.