SUN Yuen Yi


SUN Yuen Yi is a media and illustration artist. She has been interested in ACGN(anime, comic, game, and novel) since she was young. ACGN culture and her background influenced her artworks a lot. Digital painting is one of the main media that is used in SUN’s works, but not the only one; Her early works are mainly based on mixed media.

All works of SUN Yuen Yi are inspired by daily experience, therefore her works  focus mainly on family and relationships. She likes to create a sense of story and atmosphere through the combination of light, shadow, and colors in order to express the story through her works.




Inkjet print


118.9 × 65.9 cm


This is never the experience of a certain female, but a group of them. In this work, SHE, I want to describe their attitudes and reactions under various constraints.