TANG Tun Lai


TANG Tun Lai hopes to do something where he could study his sentiments and experiences. He finds that he can do that when working on canvas unconsciously. He is inspired by the moment of watching materials move around the surface until they dry. He believes the material selected will guide him to make a painting. TANG's desire is to make paintings that have 'expression' and contain 'metaphor'.


Murmur With Tenderness


Charcoal and pencil on canvas


159 × 123 cm

「還有多遠呢... 」
「果然有些事是無法改變的嗎... 」


‘How far does it take?’
‘When will it end?’
‘What if it is inevitable...’

It is paradoxical that there is nothing that wants to be completed. No matter how hard I think, neither the cause nor the result can be recalled. The meaningless and duplicated conversations become a veil in front of me. Maybe this is the consequence of unwillingness to be sincere, but why can’t I be vague and comprehensible at the same time?