TANG Wing Yiu


TANG Wing Yiu, Tracy loves to explore things related to her. For example, it is about life, family, home, school, etc. The non-stop studies lead her to think of the connection between life and art. She believes everything in life can become an art. That's why Tracy feels like she is a photobook. She collects things related to life and presents them as an art form. All emotions and experiences she got from life can be found in her art as well. Sculpture, video, sound, and installation are the mediums she uses to present the idea of life art.


Video Tour: Security Cameras


Video walk with sound



在研究AVA的安全閉路電視時,鄧詠瑤發現該監控系統並沒有監聽任何聲音。 因此,她想到了聲音,並決定舉行「影片導覽」,以使觀眾前往閉路電視監控下的區域,並聽取與閉路電視有關的故事和聲音。

During TANG Wing Yiu’s studies on security cameras in AVA, she found no sound is monitored by the security monitor. Therefore, she thinks about sound and decides to hold a ‘video tour’ for audiences to go to areas that are under the monitor of security cameras and listen to stories and sounds related to those cameras.