TSE Christy Tsz Kiu


TSE Christy Tsz Kiu, Christy is interested in exploring the relationship between space, human perception, and imaginative futures. She often experiments with divergent space and scenarios in various media and observes how humans perceive such messages. Hence, believes that humans will never have identical perceptions even in the same situation, which makes different human beings. TSE currently focuses on studying stained glass and its association with different scenarios of imaginative futures.

'I admire the intelligence and dedication that were put into stained glass panels by countless glass artists. The balance between functionality and aesthetics sustained itself and made it irreplaceable. Yet, stained glass’s dependence on light created a demand for the destination of architecture that connects indoor and outdoor. Such characteristics intrigued me to use stained glass as a "space" to experiment on how people perceive various kinds of stained glass and reenact the interaction between light, stained glass, and humans that were originally invented. By carrying out such experiments, I try to understand how different people are in varying ways.'

謝芷蕎對於探索空間,人類感知力和虛構未來之間的關係深感興趣。她經常在各種媒體中對不同的空間和場景進行實驗,觀察人類如何感知信息。她相信,即使在相同的情況下,人類也永遠不會有相同的感知,這使人類與眾不同。 她目前專注於研究鑲嵌玻璃及聯繫不同虛構的場景。


In solitude.

Stained glass, wooden frames


95 × 95 × 200 cm



In solitude is presented as an invitation to the participant to enter my solitude.

Inspired by quiet rooms and phone booths, along with experimenting with the original intention of stained glass, to deliver a story. In solitude performs as an isolating container dividing the participants and the extraneousness, using squares and clauses to suggest vague ideas of real-life happenings, prompting the viewer toenter their own solitude.