TSE Lok Yiu Yobi


TSE Lok Yiu, Yobi often works across painting, glass and installation. She is intrigued by the relationship between humans and nature. At the same time, she studies the matter of human inner thoughts.

'I found myself often depicting humans and animals as figures in my work. I believe every individual has their own stories, and treats each figure as unfinished souls, hoping to fill their void by arranging them into the time and space that they belong to, usually through a lonely poetic atmosphere.'





Cast glass, algae


30 × 22 × 24 cm



The fish continues to flex its body and tail, back and forth. Everything seems ordinary yet perturbing. Human beings impose on the fish with their sententiousness. Fish belongs to the Ocean and it belongs to no one. Not to mention, every single species in the world.

‍_Askant_ is a glass sculpture observing the viewer's relationship with other species through reconstructing a fish tank.