TSOI Wing Chau


TSOI Wing Chau, Rachel's creative style mainly revolves around emotion, narrative and humour. She likes to express her emotions and feelings through metaphors, fables and symbols. She also hopes that the audience will reflect on the messages while watching her works.

As a student who loves illustration, she believes that the form of illustration is not only limited to 2D but also applied to different media such as animation, comics, storybooks, etc, which brings different feelings to viewers. Therefore, besides painting and illustration creation, she is also keen on other fields, such as animation, sculpture, book design and 3D design, trying to explore the surprises brought by different media.

蔡穎秋的創作風格主要圍繞情感,敘事及詼諧。她喜歡通過隱喻、寓言和象徵等方式表達着自己的情緒和感覺, 亦希望觀眾觀看她的作品同時反思當中所帶出的訊息。


The Cage


2D Animation




The Cage is a short film that provides a strong message on totalitarian rule, capitalism, freedom and resistance. Under totalitarian rule, even if we keep ourselves in peace, can we really live in a stable life?