TSU Tsz Yuet Melissa


TSU Tsz Yuet, Melissa's main areas of creative focus are illustration and painting. However, She also steps outside those fields to play around with photography and writing.

Melissa's creations represent her view of everyday life with its whimsical and fantasised moments of joy, living in a world full of intensity.

Melissa sees herself as a storyteller. She believes every artwork has its own story: every touch is the words in the passage and every stroke is the soul of the book. With illustration and painting, through her imaginations, she depicts imaginary scenes and creates weird characters with her personal emotions and feelings.

Melissa wishes the audience to read a whole new book when seeing her artworks, feeling amused and heart-warming, and willing to enjoy it again.




“The place”


Oil and acrylic on canvas


Set of 2: 181× 90.5 cm, 181× 181 cm


Everyone has an imagined place. A place where we believe we can let go of our memories, moments of happiness and sadness. Indeed, these memories are only being forgotten, temporarily. They linger on in another form, another way.