WONG Hiu Ching


WONG Hiu Ching, Bonny is an intuitive painter infatuated with light, especially different kinds of atmospheric lights at nighttime. Her practice focuses on atmosphere, emotion and space and she hopes viewers can connect with the feelings contained in her work. She believes people are born to seek light because people need and love light. She depicts subtle and equivocal emotions and thoughts in light because it is hard to clarify all these ineffable and ephemeral feelings in words.

'Gazing at the lights, I thought I saw emotions between them, I thought the lights were talking to me. Was it real? What were they trying to say?’



It Was Midnight. I Said Goodbye to the Guard. Many Cars Pass By. A Taxi Catches My Eyes. and the Moon, Always There in the Sky.


Oil, sealant, black soft pastel on canvas


Set of 3: 90 × 160 cm each